React Native Workshop 2020

Developed by:

Eric Vicenti

Creator of React Navigation

Jon Samp

Developer at Expo

Workshop setup

Discord chat

Join the Discord server to ask questions and collaborate with other workshop goers.

Set up expo-cli

Before the workshop begins, ensure that you can install Expo CLI.

Day 1

1. Introductions

Get to know Eric and Jon, and learn how we will conduct this workshop over Zoom and Discord.

2. Up and going

Learn about React Native and options to start your first project.

3. Get started

Get coding on your first universal project.

4. Navigation fundamentals

Learn how to create native navigation schemes.

5. Real-world navigation

Learn how navigation components apply to real projects.

6. Advanced navigation

Take your navigation to the next level.

7. Q&A

We will wrap up the day with Q&A, and a little extra time to discover and explore the concepts we learned.

Day 2

1. Animation

Learn how to create beautiful and performant animations with React Native.

2. Gestures

Learn how to respond to user gestures.

3. Testing

Learn testing strategies, from unit to end-to-end.

4. Web

Use React Native for the web

5. Production

Get your app on your user's devices.

6. Q&A

We will wrap up the workshop with Q&A. This is a great time to ask any questions before the conference begins.